We have four string teachers working at the NMC.

Emma Coleman B.Mus (Hons) (Cello, Violin)

Emma began violin lessons at 13 whilst living in Texas, and a year later started cello tuition. She recently completed a BMus(Hons) degree at Canterbury Christ Church University where she studied Cello as her principal instrument and violin as a secondary study. Emma is an experienced performer and has performed in a wide range of chamber ensembles (string quartet, piano trio etc), orchestral work and some solo performances. She now teaches at several schools in the area and at the NMC.

Catherine Geldard B.Mus (Hons) MMus (Violin & Viola)

Catherine grew up performing and playing in sessions on the Shetland Isles. She began learning the fiddle at age 5 before winning the local fiddle competition at 11. She was also one of the first people to complete grade 8 in traditional fiddle. Catherine moved to the North East 7 years ago to complete an undergraduate and then a master's degree in composition and performance at Newcastle University. Now she teaches fiddle in schools across the North East and is in her second year of teaching at Shetland's Fiddle Frenzy. In addition to teaching, Catherine is also a regular performer around the area and beyond, participating in folk festivals from Shetland to Devon and over the sea to Norway.

Frances Archer (Violin)

Frankie Archer began classical violin training at an early age and quickly branched out into traditional music, learning fiddle styles and techniques from the UK and Ireland, and performing at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall as part of Sage Gateshead’s youth ensemble Folkestra. Later Frankie expanded her repertoire and skills further by exploring various styles from around the world, including Scandinavian, Balkan, Arabic and Latin American. She has travelled to various places around the world, and has received awards from Arts Council England to lead workshops in UK universities, sharing the music she has learnt with music students. Frankie also teaches violin privately and is the violin teacher for the community organisation Crossings Community Group where she organises world music sharing workshops. Working with the Music in Hospitals scheme, Frankie creates music with older people with dementia, children in hospital and people with learning difficulties. This allows Frankie to use her excellent communication to engage and interact with people through music, and this engagement is fundamental to her enthusiastic teaching style. Frankie's particular interests in teaching are taking inspiration from a range of styles and teaching methods from around the world, and collaborative improvisation.

Charlotte Kennedy BA (Hons) (Violin)

Charlotte grew up surrounded by the traditional music of Northumberland and began playing violin at the age of 5, quickly gaining an appreciation for the tradition of learning melodies by ear. She later began progressing through the classical grades before being awarded a grant to attend Sage Gateshead's Weekend School. Here she studied violin with Julia Jasinski and had folk lessons with Stewart Hardy, and also enjoyed being part of an improvisation group and various chamber groups, as well as advancing in music theory. She also attended Sage Gateshead's Folkestra, directed by Kathryn Tickell, with whom she performed at the BBC Folk Prom at the Royal Albert Hall, and Young Sinfonia. Charlotte went on to study music at Durham University, where she graduated with First Class Honours. Here she was introduced to contemporary classical music, Indian Classical Music and many other world music genres. She now draws influence from all the aforementioned musical genres, as well as from Pop and Jazz music. She enjoys performing solo, using a loop pedal to create accompaniments, as well as in groups and duets, one of which won the 2016 Danny Kyle Celtic Connection award. She also enjoys composing and performing violin parts for various studio session recordings and has a busy teaching schedule.

Hannah Tattersfield (Violin)

Hannah Tattersfield completed her undergraduate studies in Music at Newcastle University in 2013 before embarking on a career as a freelance violinist and teacher in the North East. In 2015, Hannah joined the Swedish National Orchestral Academy in Gothenburg where she trained for two years as an orchestral violinist with Øyvor Volle and Marja Inkenen-Engström. Whilst in Sweden, she taught alongside Venezuelan conductor Ron Davis Alvarez on several El Sistema projects and, upon returning to Newcastle in 2017, she joined Sage Gateshead’s In Harmony project.  Hannah is very active as a performer and plays regularly with a variety of ensembles, as well as teaching violin and viola in schools and music centres in the area.  

Katerina Bunting B.Mus(Hons) (Violin)

Katerina began her musical training in St. Petersburg at the age of 6, studying violin as her primary instrument, and the piano as a secondary instrument. Upon moving to England, she was taught privately before continuing her studies at the Centre for Advanced Training at the Sage Gateshead. At this time Katerina was also a part of the Young Sinfonia orchestra which gave her the opportunity to travel to and give performances in different countries. Katerina graduated with a BMUS (Hons) degree from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where she gained a lot of performing experience (solo, ensemble and orchestral), got to view and participate in a number of events and classes with many different artists, and was also given the opportunity to study abroad. Katerina now teaches privately and at schools, and also enjoys performing.